Why You Should Start Writing Your Goals NOW

When I first heard about the idea of writing your goals from motivational speakers like Brian Tracy and John Assaraf, I was skeptic as heck. I mean seriously, how is writing your goals down going to actually accomplish it, I thought.


However, I didn’t really have anything to lose (literally) so I gave it a try. Some of my goals were personal and some of them were related to this website. For example, one of my goals was to become more charismatic by the end of 2013. I had no idea how this was going to happen, none. I just kept writing it down every night before going to sleep.


30 days later (after writing my goals every day) I realized a few things. I could just about converse with anyone about anything as clear as crystal and get full engagement from them better than usual. Much better than usual.


Not only that but my productivity increased as well. One of my goals was to have a website up by august. (i didn’t know exactly what topic the site would be). By late July, I had over 50 articles completed and a full site ready to go.


Those weren’t the only things writing goals accomplished for me but I would need a whole other article to talk about that. For the skeptics, here is why writing your goals will make your probability of success that much better.


There’s two ways I do this and I recommend you do both for best results.


1. Writing a single big goal and reading it every day

For this style, you just have to write your main big goal on a notebook, or someplace you know the goal won’t get lost. Then you read it every day.


The repetitive action of reading the goal everyday will force more juices out to get you to write exactly what you want to do.

For example, most people start off with a simple “Become CEO of law firm” for example. As you continue to read it every day, you will realize that there are far more steps under that goal that need to be reached before you get there and you will begin to chase each step one by one.


This process is amazing because it keeps you in the moment. Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by our goals and all it takes is just noticing that you just have to take it small step by small step to make enormous gains.


That goal will end up being written more complex and there will be smaller steps that will give you guidance in exactly what direction you should be moving.


2. Writing a collection of 10 goals every day


This is my favorite style of goal writing and it’s the one I mentioned earlier that achieved results for me. All you have to do is write 10 goals every day on a different sheet of paper but YOU MUST NOT READ THEM. Eventually the 10 goals will be consistent and true to what you want.


Here’s why this is an awesome way to manifest your goals.


Writing It Every day Will Be Your Call to Action


The constant refreshing of your goal every day is necessary because we don’t wake up with the same ambition day by day.  


Writing your goal down will be that reminder you need to get you working every day on it. I don’t think anyone would go to sleep with a good conscience if they wrote their goal but didn’t do anything that day to reach that goal.


It Will Become More Visible to You


After writing my 10 goals every day, a few months later, I believed they would be accomplished no matter what. I didn’t know how, and I didn’t need a reason to believe in it anymore. I don’t know if the continuous writing of the goals subliminally engraved them into my subconscious but at some point, those goals were all I had. My mentality was, and still is- success or death. Even when money became a problem, I never became worried because I knew that somehow things would go my way, and they did.


The more you write your goal the more you will believe it’s going to happen. It’s a commitment that’s for sure. If you can make it past the two month mark, you’ll know the feeling I’m talking about and hopefully get back to this blog to help me further explain that feeling.


It’s like the Law of Attraction, where you attract things to your life according to what you truly want. But we can save the Law of Attraction talk for another time, there’s an article on its way for that topic anyway.

I’m sure there are other tricks that can get us committed to our goal however. Know any?

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    • For the 2nd method “Writing a collections of 10 goals everyday”, yes don’t look at your past goals. I don’t mean do not write the same goals everyday, I mean just write 10 goals you want to complete in your life everyday. Eventually it will stabilize.

  1. TA

    Hey Ozzie, Thanks for the post. I was wondering if you could clarify something: what do you mean by YOU MUST NOT READ THEM? Because later you say Reading them will be your call to action. Do you mean you don’t read the 10 different sheets of paper that day, but you do the next day?
    Thanks, T

    • Hey thanks a ton for the read dude. Sorry if i was unclear, I’ll make a few edits. Here’s how it works: The 10 goals you write every day, you cannot look at them because the idea of writing 10 fresh goals from the top of your head is to get a consistent count of things that you TRULY want in your life. If you read your previous goal, it’s not natural. So after about 15 days or so, your goals will become more consistent and by the 30th day your 10 goals will always be the same. This technique works magic, I think every single one of my 10 goals is happening before my eyes, so i hope it works out for you that way as well.

    • AZ

      I don’t think Ozzie means for you to use 10 different sheets of paper every day, just to use one new sheet of paper every day to write your top 10 goals that naturally pop into your head, without referring to what you wrote on a previous day.

      This sounds like a wonderful technique and I am going to try it!

      • Exactly. I’m ecstatic that you will try it. Trust me, after 30 days you won’t stop. I’ve become a better man, a better person in general all from this technique. Never have I stuck to a goal beyond 3 months and it’s looking like I will stick to this one for a life time. Maybe I’m crediting the writing of goals too much but that’s just how I feel. Thanks a million for the read, I hope you get beyond the results you expect!

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